search engine optimisation methods

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO company uk for short is essential as a well optimised website can bring the benefits of significantly increased earnings for the internet marketer and you do not need to have a massive budget to accomplish it, just some time and dedication. You can get the essential seo service information required on the topic simply by searching the internet, but listed below are a few ideas by seo uk to get you started.

1. Link Exchanges

Back links are important, they are links on a website that lead back to another site and are often used by search engines to determine the page ranking of websites or articles. Back links from authority sites can be particularly useful for improving page ranking, as long as the content and keywords of both sites are relevant. The anchor text of the link is also important (this is the labelling of the hyperlink as it appears on the webpage) Search engines examine this and check to make sure that it is congruent with the page content.

Links can also be made by posting articles on forums and social networking sites, basically by getting conversations going and people making comments in response to your posts.

2. Write articles rich in keywords

Use Keywords in the title of your page and any headings and if possible in the domain name. Use the keywords again at the end of the page, but do NOT stuff your article full of them, it needs to be informative, fresh and make sense if you want to have people returning to your site.

When writing your content, give each page it’s own specific theme. This can be an bonus as it can mean that even if your website doesn’t rank highly with search engines, specific pages can, giving you more opportunities to drive traffic to your site.

3. Organize your site navigation

Spend some time getting the navigation of your site correct, making it easy and logical for visitors to find their way around. Use primary keywords as headers for main sections. Consider having navigation buttons at the top and bottom of your pages. Improve the structure of your url’s and consider having words in them that are relevant to the content and structure of your site. At the end of the day, successful navigation is all about what makes life easy for the customer.

There is no need to spend a fortune on SEO or to buy products that may not help to improve your rankings at all. A good source of information is that which is provided by the search engines themselves. Start there and that way you can get things right at the outset.Neglect SEO at your peril but always remember it’s part of the traffic strategy Not the traffic strategy.